Dance: Exercise That You Want To Do

You can pay a gym membership, get a trainer, force yourself to walk the same boring route around your neighborhood, trudge away on a treadmill in your basement, or you can decide to do what kids do - have fun while exercising.

Nothing sucked the fun out of kicking a ball or shooting a hoop than PE class. Most of us found the "forced" exercise to be uninspired, making you want to beg a stomachache and sit on the sidelines. 

Dance is something you can do anywhere. You can be on vacation in a hotel room and dance. You can dance in the forest when you take a hike. You can dance in your bedroom. You can dance in your backyard. You can even dance while cooking.

Zumba became so popular because it was so fun that it became a kind of "high" feeling to go do a Zumba workout and feel the energy with the crowd.

Get yourself some good dance tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s and get moving. If you dance to music while you do housework or you put on the TV and a streaming channel to dance with others or make it a point to go out to a Zumba class, you are guaranteed to feel young again and not like you're being forced to take PE class.