Decorating With Houseplants

Post by Sharon

Houseplants are finally taking hold of homeowners in huge numbers. The reasons? Making a house a home, bringing nature indoors, cleaning the air, humidifying, soothing tension, and simple beauty. Rather than dusting off knick knacks, folks are misting plants!

Here's just some ways to use them in your home. 

Every window is an opportunity to showcase plants in clusters. Rather than having a plant here and a plant here, in a grouping, as they are found in nature, they not only have high impact, but create a microclimate of humidity and are quicker to care for in one spot.

These 5 plant hangers made of macrame hung in front of a window can make an amazing place for spilling plants or succulents.

Plant table that can be against a wall or in front of a window, even on a patio. 

If you're not crazy about having pots sitting around, consider putting the pot inside a basket

If you're not sure about big leafy plants and your gardening skills, consider decorative succulent pots - easy to care for and clean and neat for tables

Self-watering pots are excellent. Some have wicks that dangle into water in the outer shell and the black smaller pot fits inside. The wicks draw water up to the soil. 

Some of these ideas below might give you a nudge to create a grouping - 

Consider one room that is "GREEN"

Windows create opportunities for making privacy without need for a curtain, keeps harsh sunlight from hitting everything inside, and give you plants to look at instead of perhaps an ugly view.

If your patio or porch is out in the open (above), a grouping like this can be ideal to create a curtain of green and privacy.

A corner makes a great place where it doesn't interfere with foot traffic. Consider heights - having some hanging, some tall ones in floor pots, ones on tables, in niches....

Free-floating shelves are a great idea. 

Consider mixing the pot size, color, shape, different heights, bushy plants, spiky plants, spilling plants.

Don't be shy with houseplants.
They immediately give life to a home.