Dermarolling - Skin Option for Wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Saggy Skin?

Post by Sharon

In an arsenal of age-defying tools, is the dermaroller effective? 

I have used it in the past, several years ago. I used it on my face where I was getting frown lines between the brows and very gently beneath the eye area. I used hydrolaunic acid and vitamin C cream with it. I found a simple rolling per instructions with a sterilized roller once a month was having unusually satisfying results. 

I decided I want to try this again and utilize it on my stretch marks and some loose skin on my belly from dropping some weight. A video on YouTube had me recalling this device (it had gotten crushed when I moved and I never replaced it). 

A few points I will be focusing on are - using 1 mm to 1.5 mm on the body and 0.5 mm on the face, utilizing hydrolaunic acid and vitamin C serum on the skin, sterilizing the device before using, and collagen-loading (3 c. bone broth a day). 

When I worked typing medical reports, many of them from plastic surgery facilities, vitamin C was a super key to skin regrowth and healing. The doctors recommended vitamin C serum and high levels of oral vitamin C. I personally do 3000 mg a day. There are some very astute videos on the subject of vitamin C loading.

I will be chronicling the results, as I am a pretty good study at 57 of any face issues, stretch marks, and saggy crepey skin from weight loss.

Alleviates dry skin, reduces look of wrinkles and fine lines, speeds up healing. 

Anti-inflammatory, improve skin texture, healing scars.

I make my own face skin cream because what I rub into my flesh is critical. I use coconut oil and add drops of vitamin C serum, hemp oil, hyaluronic acid, and a drop of tea tree oil. Sometimes, I add fresh aloe gel from the garden. I use this on my face, but also as my body lotion. I put it in a small mason jar. 

(three good sizes for face and body)

**I am not a medical professional. There are many variables in which some of these things I'm experimenting with are not appropriate for others with high risk of infection, thin skin and other conditions. Please talk to your dermatologist if you want reassurance you are a candidate**