Growing Sunflowers: Yearly Tribute to the Sun

The ground is cold. Winter is still on for another couple months. Yet, bits of sunshine, sounds of Jimmy Buffett music send us reeling toward summer in our minds.

Even though it's early, start thinking about planting at least a row of sunflowers to create a visual wall of happy faces smiling down on you all summer long.

I am so inspired by sunflowers. I not only want to grow them, but as a girl who loves wildflowers, it is my favorite flower of all time!

I even paint them. 

In this painting, I began it and never finished. I think I need to revisit this one - 

This one below is almost done - 

Started this one last summer when I had a bunch of them growing in the garden. Once again, life got in the way of me completing it - 

If I see them growing in a field, I must stop and photograph. To me they are like wee pets. 

Want to grow some? They are super easy. And what I do is when they have died off and get rather droopy, I remove the flower and set it on the ground for the birds to have their fill of the seeds. If you want to process the seeds to eat yourself, I placed a video at the end of the post to show you how -