Indoor Growing: The Netherlands Demonstrate the Agricultural Future

Post by Sharon 

I consider myself a child of the 70s and the 70s were all about ecology. We worried about litter, pollution, Three-Mile Island, and pushed to grow food. 

My family had a garden at our main home and one at our summer home, nut trees, fruit orchards, loads of wild berries, and foraging items, tea gardens, and crab traps we dropped off the dock of the summer home. Mom had to feed five kids and she also was a country girl from the Depression Era so she taught us about what to forage for, how to make healing teas, and we partook of amazing produce year-round IN SEASON.

Fruit and vegetables tasted like what they should be - watermelon, strawberries, peaches.  Today in markets with things shipped thousands of miles off season and transported after being picked early, nothing tastes as it should. 

As a gardener today, I consider some of the limitations of seasons, rain, bugs, and bad soil ,as well as space to grow. And, my focus has gone indoors.

There is no place in the world better knowledgeable about growing indoors as The Netherlands. And they are showing us an amazing future! And, being intelligent, practical and kind people, they are eager to share the techniques! 

The Netherlands are growing indoors in massive amounts, proving that it is a clean, organized, uses less water, and more can be grown vertically than on flat ground and year-round so things of important daily use like greens, herbs and tomatoes can be eaten all year at a very fast growing rate.

Some day, it might be that concepts from The Netherlands and vertical farming, as well as concepts born from "Earth Ships" with protective greenhousing utilize for climate control and indoor growing might change how we design homes, cities, high rises, and more.

Imagine having a greenhouse up against the front of your house, helping to clean your air, provide a barrier between your home and the elements, utilizing sunshine, and a bug-less place to grow conveniently located! 

Yield per acre of indoor vertical growing versus outdoor traditional gardening is shocking. For greens and vine-grown produce, indoor vertical can produce easily 100 times more produce!

Want to try your hand at it?