Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn: How to Bring Their Vibe Into Your Look Today

Trends might have us making our lips frosted or eyes thickly lined, our hair teased, or wearing neon colors that don't look good on anyone. But, real style, real class is timeless. If you are ready to move on to fashion icon status, there's some simple cues to take from women like Audrey and Jackie.
The attraction for these women was their graceful poise, the clean-faced look with emphasis on brows and lips. 

Their hair was not their identity, simply fashioned to focus on the face. Even the placement of pearls at the neck, large sunglasses, and earrings was to draw you back to the face.

Clothing was utilized for simple lines, good fit. They wore items that today you could wear and no one would see as vintage or retro. They were quite timeless and well-made.

Look at the way Jackie sits so poised with perfect posture and ladylike gestures with her arms. Ankles crossed, legs slanted away so no peep show under the skirt.

What might a modern Jackie O/Audrey Hepburn do with her spare time?
volunteer work, tea rooms, tennis lessons, horseback riding

Who might her modern-day idols be?
Diane Lane, Melania Trump, Kate Middleton