No to Low-Cost Spa Look For Your Home: Tranquil Getaway

Post by Sharon 

With a new year, a new beginning and shift in priorities occurs. I learned from minimalizing my life, how amazing it is to come into a sunny, open, uncomplicated room instead of a dark, cluttered busy place that makes me anxious. 

It may be time to pare down your life and push away the "stuff" and bring in free to low-cost items that are natural, soothing, spa-like and ideal for your nature-loving instincts.

Items from nature are available free to low-cost. Some items you might barter for - give a friend a statue of a cow you have on your kitchen counter if they will give you some seashells they have lying around. 

When you aren't using manufactured art and clutter around your home and instead you have soothing colors and textures of nature, it resonates with a spa-like relaxing vibe. Add houseplants at the windows in a grouping and you are sighing when you sit back and study the room. 

A toss fur over an arm chair. 

Consider gathering some white beeswax natural candles together with a grouping of antlers on a table. 

Seaglass is great atop of potted plant soil or filling a glass vase, spread out on a table with candles of matching colors.

Bark, twigs, limbs and driftwood make fantastic elements for your own art creations, wall hangings, chandeliers or sculpture.

Tiny seashells also look great atop of potting soil of houseplants. 

Burlap, rope and jute - great natural textures.

macrame and linen and mosquito netting add textures in neutral tones.

Ultimately, a trek to the forest or even the backyard might give you some of the elements for a spa-like home. Think about slowly giving away or selling cluttering items that are mass produced and adding more and more nature elements.

Add sunlight.

Add scent with incense or a diffuser. 

Keep colors serene and natural like sand, ivory.

Add serene sounds like binaural beats, soft new age healing music, waterfall. 

Keep items in the room to a minimum and put "stuff" into natural woven baskets so you don't feel stress and claustrophobic.

Mirrors help to make more serenity and a sense of vastness.