Raised Gardening: Elevating Your Growing

Post by Sharon

Gardening is an unbelievably rewarding hobby. It not only gets you outside with nature, gives you healthy ripe produce to nurture your body, but can elevate some of the good bacteria in your gut, as well! 

The only problems with tradition gardening include; pests, bermuda grass, weeds, family pets, and crawling on your hands and knees.

Elevating your garden not only makes it easier to access, but the act of going vertical gives your garden interest.

Strawberry pots, vertical terraces, rain gutter material, wooden boxes, tables for growing, hanging pots - all are good options. Let's get inspired - 

Arbors are fantastic ways to create a shady retreat and grow in a vertical area. This one with grapevines, passionfruit vine, blackberries, or even melons or cucumbers would be a dream. Imagine napping beneath - 

This person found leftover cinderblocks and realized they would make growing blocks. This would fantastic for strawberries or herbs, even lettuces or kale.

Some creative folks are taking backyard swimming pools that are neglected or huge time and money blights and turning them into growing areas. The year-round protected temps down below, a bit of canopy above and you have an amazing greenhouse.

This is a very neat way to grow tomatoes from above downward instead of downward climbing up.

Making your own concrete planters - here's one idea.

Another idea involves boxes, saran wrap, and concrete (even adding powdered coloring). 

With a little upfront cost, vertical growing with aquaponics is a clean, healthy, and efficient way to grow. No more composting, using tons of water, and bending over.

Get creative with containers - 

Consider a more traditional raised bed - 

There are also great growing tables, or consider taking an old tossed out table and building a box atop it with drill holes for drainage.

There also lots of indoor growing options these days -