Spring Fever: What to do When You Can't Wait for Springtime

Post by Sharon 

The minute Christmas ends and the new year begins, I get spring fever so much! I've cleaned, reorganized, bringing sunshine in through the windows, and wanting to remember what it's like to feel warm and leisurely. 

Here's some ways to do it even if it's cold outside - 

Blow bubbles (get a set like this one so you have them everywhere)

Watch beach/summer movies like Captain Ron

Use coconut and tropical scents for bath, room spray, linen spray or candle

Put a cluster of seashells and sea glass on the coffee table

Put a cluster of houseplants at the window

Put on some Beach Boys or Dick Dale music

Mix a margarita 

Peruse catalogs that have resort wear like Venus

Plot out summer vacation

Buy flowers at the grocery store

Get a simple easy to use home jacuzzi

Read a book that takes you to summertime in the 60s and 70s - my book Vacationing With Ghosts is a good example and even has summertime recipes from the Chesapeake Bay Area.

Wear colors of the sea and sky like this top

Put on sea-inspired nail polish like this - 

Consider lightening your hair with a paler blond.

You may be housebound in the wintertime, but inside and in your heart - summer is always here.