Starting the New Year Organized!

Post by Sharon

There is something that occurs with a new year that makes one want to bring in the light, remove the clutter and start anew. Organizing is the first thing that comes to mind with the new year and new promises, clean the first day of school and hopes of a successful year.

Let's take a look at downsizing, minimalizing, organizing....

Tackle one space at a time. I tend to do the common areas first because I spend more time there than I do a bathroom or bedroom. Look at surfaces where things tend to pile up and collect. 

My best advice is look at where your problem areas are. Do you leave clothing on the closet floor because you carry hamper back from the dryer and leave it on the bed and then go to sleep at night and just set the hamper aside to deal with later? Then it might be time to consider two hampers - one that remains where you undress for dirty clothing and another that you bring back from the dryer and don't need to empty too soon to put dirty clothing in. 

If you tend to set things down on the kitchen counter when you come in, at least have a decorative basket you can set the things inside of to keep the counters free. 

Tired of tangles of cords and flat irons and curling irons jumbled in a drawer? How about removable hooks on the wall to hang them on. 

Just so long as you have cubbies, baskets, containers, drawers for items, it makes it easier to maintain. 

Be relentless about getting rid of things that you hold onto "just in case." 

It's a new year - a new you. Open up space, brighten the rooms, group collections so they aren't scattered. There is more impact with houseplants under a window and hanging from macrame hangers above to draw the eye to the green impact instead of pots here and there on shelves. 

If you have places for everything and you don't have things you aren't going to use - you will find organizing continually throughout the year to be super easy!