Try Some Unusual Vegetables For Your Garden

strawberry kiwi?

Post by Sharon

Whether you want to take a risk with China's strawberry-kiwi supply or not, there are some cool veggies to grow that might provide a better chance of actually being what they advertise. 

snake gourds - LINK

(these ones were painted as a decorative craft)

Like other gourds you grow, these can be made into things. The classic large gourds can be birdhouses, but these fun snaking gourds can be happily painted and become garden art.

cape gooseberry, aka "ground cherry" - LINK

Some folks report these popular Mexican fruits to taste like pineapple, strawberries and tomatoes. These guys love heat. They do fine with little water, but like full sun.

cucamelons - LINK

These cuties taste a bit like slightly lime-like cucumber. They are great for pickling. Although they start out slow-growing, they become sprawling vines that love heat and hot soil and will grow up a trellis if you like.

purple asparagus - LINK

The best advice given for growing asparagus involves finding an area of the garden you will grow asparagus each year and plant a cover crop to keep away weeds. 

black Spanish radish - LINK

This one is said to be a bit bolder in taste than usual radishes. These are good to grow in early spring or late summer. Keep them about 6" apart.

Be playful with your garden. Sometimes, a strange heirloom variety or weird colored veggie can make gardening a blast. I love doing heirloom rainbow variety of carrots or purple spinach.


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