Antiquities Warehouse: A Treasure Trove of the Beautiful and Quirky

Upon occasion, my best friend Julie and I like to hit the antique malls, flea markets, reclamation yards, secondhand stores, and anywhere that displays a wide array of used items. 

We hit the jackpot when we found Antiquities Warehouse on University Drive and about 20th St. in Tempe (2025 E. University Dr). This unassuming 40,000 square foot facility houses the single greatest collection of reclaimed items I have ever seen in my life - combined!

The researcher/explorer in me felt like I had stumbled into a Hall of Giants that left their trove behind, a bit like that scene in "National Treasure" when they find the archives of treasures.

The girl inside me was thinking "oh, I want THIS in my home. No, I want THAT in my home...." Around every corner was a very high-ceilinged warehouse lined up with 12-foot doors, wooden carvings, beautiful neon signs, cabinets from old-fashioned businesses, gorgeous wall art, sculpture, and whimsy. There was even a hot air balloon basket, something I've dreamed of having in a garden all my life! 

Julie and I could have spent an entire day in there uncovering treasures in well-laid out displays, each one taking your breath away more than the last. 

Alas, we will have to come back again and again and again. If you love to browse antiquities and antiques, architectural finds and beauty, this place satisfies more than anywhere in the world!