Choosing Swimsuits For Mature Women and Men Under $35

Post by Sharon


Hey, you know you want and deserve to go to the lake, beach, pool this summer. 

So, why do we lament so much about being seen in a swimsuit. I think one of the advantages of being a bit more mature is that I don't have to compete with 20-somethings anymore. You know, the girls who wax, pluck, starve, and get operated on to compete with the others for a pool of princes to breed with. 

Being more overlooked doesn't mean giving up your pride. There is a fantastic world of swimsuits now that do things we never imagined. Remember our mom's old swimsuits when she "gave up" worrying about the ideal body? 

Interestingly, mom's cover-up swimsuit styles are coming back with a retro vengeance!

Navy skirted $30.99

Two piece with cover-up of the belly skin $27.99

Today, one of the funnest and cutest choices is Tankini's. You get the vibe of wearing a two-piece, even bare enough in the back to look like a bikini, and then coverage including blousy empire waists in front. 

Tankini $29.99

Tummy Control with ideal design for creating waist and emphasizing breasts $33.99


Men have it easier at the beach in some ways. Past a certain age, they aren't likely pitching a football to get notice and are happy to just not be at work and to listen to the surf, perhaps see the pretty young girls go by without feeling the need to suck in the tummy.

But, men's swimsuits have some styling options that make them a blast at any age. 

Wanna go retro like Beach Blanket Bingo?


  1. Cute styles to choose from! After reading this article I may buy a bathing suit and actually wear it in public for a change!


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