Fun at the Lake!

Post by Sharon

The lake - it beckons when the weather warms...soon

Here's some fun things to do at the lake. Oh, what a playground!

Ready for a lake vacay?
Here's some great places to rent cabins -

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. ...

Moosehead Lake, Maine. ...
Minocqua, Wisconsin. ...
Lake George, New York. ...
Grand Lake, Colorado. ...
Lake Champlain – New York & Vermont. ...
Lake Winnipesaukee – Meredith, New Hampshire. ...
Soldotna and Sterling, Alaska.

No matter your speed, there is something for every occasion - solo, with a romantic partner, family, grandkids, best friends....

You want to soup things up with your partner? Consider getting a pair of kayaks (come as a pair)

2-kayak pair with paddles (LINK)

How about a 2-person inflatable with oars and pump for amazing price? 
2 person inflatable kayak with oars and pump (LINK)

If you're heading to the lake, consider a combination firepit/grill that is portable and super low priced - 

Firepit or grill (LINK)

Want to get the family on the water? This one holds up to 6 people and has cup holders, canopy, and cooler!

Six people float, cooler, cup holders, canopy (LINK)

A lounging canopy covered float perfect for your princess -

Canopy float (LINK)

What if you're just hiking out to the lake? How about a backpack folding chair with drink holder?

Backpack cooler chair with cushion, towel rack and drink holder (LINK)