Girl's Slumber Parties and Boy's Backyard Camping: Be a Kid Again!

Post by Sharon

We did the whole growing up thing, the responsibility, the home, the kids, the career, the details. But, baby boomers are now between 56-76 years old. We have earned some fun. 

Julie and I are planning a girl's slumber party at a friend's house because, well, why the heck not? Here's some suggestions for girls to have a slumber party and guys to have a backyard campout - 

Girl's Slumber Party

Invite the best gal pals - on a night when you or one of them has the house alone - no boys allowed!

Activities to keep the girls busy

Pillow fight
Prepare a slideshow of idols from teen years until now
Order pizza - make Kool-Aid
Board games (Mystery Date
Since you are adults, consider some booze with Kool-Aid
Light as a feather - stiff as a board

Play music - microphone - karoke
Have special gifts - a box with a pet rock or a mood ring
Do henna tattoos
Truth or Dare
Project movies on the wall
Flashlight scary stories
Blanket fort
Shadow puppets
Highlight your hair

Beauty rituals to get the girls in shape
Dippity Doo
Aqua Net spray
Nail polish
Green clay face masks
Don't forget your exercises to make your breasts grow!
Eyebrow tweezing
Hair curlers - the old kind with bobby pins!
A book to practice walking gracefully

Music to get the girls dancing and singing
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Cyndi Lauper
Jackson 5
Grease Soundtrack
The Carpenters
The Monkeys
The Partridge Family

Movies to get the girls sighing'
"Where the Boys Are"
"Beach Blanket Bingo"
"Blue Hawaii"
"Ride the Wild Surf"
"Pajama Party"
"American Graffiti"
"Splendor in the Grass"
"Blue Lagoon"
"Billy Jack"
"Saturday Night Fever"
"The Thing From Another World"
"Creature From the Black Lagoon"

TV shows to get the girls giggling
"The Flying Nun"

"The Partidge Family"
"The Brady Bunch"
"Dark Shadows"
"I Dream of Jeannie"

Boy's Backyard Campout

Get you or one of your friends to have the house to yourselves, and invite the buddies over for an adult version of the childhood backyard campout.

Start with an 8-man tent (you might as well have one on hand anyways because they are going to want to take this ritual on the road)
Don't forget inflatable mats 

What to do - 
Firepit - for cooking and telling stories
Ingredients for s'mores
Beer - lots of it - consider an interesting cooler situation like a wheelbarrow filled with ice and beers

Music to set the mood-
John Cougar
The Beatles
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Clint Black
Jimmy Buffett
Johnny Cash
Bob Dylan
Led Zeppelin
The Beach Boys
The Rolling Stones

Activities - 
Scary stories around the fire
Flashlight tag
Play guitar
Clean some fish and grill them
Play cards
Project movies on a sheet hung from a clothesline
Battleship game