Gray Hair Trends

Post by Sharon

Silver and gray hair - it's the HOTTEST trend for the younger and older generations.

With new conditioners and semipermanent dyes, the new target fun hair is silver and gray as they take the these temporary stains beautifully and complement every pastel color! 

On my strawberry blond hair, I use Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset - a few tsps into 1/2 c. hair conditioner. I put it on for a half hour and rinse out. If I use more of the coloring in the conditioner and leave on an hour I get a more bright peach. It washes out in about 3 weeks for me because I only wash my hair every 3 days at this point with it being so dry. 

Color wash Light Pink Clenditioner

Coloring it the gray you want with Smokey Silver 

We women spend a lifetime dyeing hair into the colors or highlights we want, bleaching, and fussing. With silver hair, you can be any color you wish - temporarily. Enjoy the fun play with a light base to work with. Younger women have to bleach their color out to a funky yellow to put light colors on. You can be pastel or killer silver!