Novel Experiences: Julie and I Set Out to Knock Down a List of Firsts

Post by Sharon 

As best friends Julie and I have done a lot of cool things together, many of them were "firsts" For us. Julie has seen me get published as an author, be interviewed on TV, fly first class, live on my own, and even go out and celebrate St. Patty's Day. 

We got together recently and thought that it was time for both of us to bust through some more "firsts."

I started my list - 

Fly a kite
Eat duck
Sleep in a camper trailer
Go blond
See "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Professional manicure
Play marbles

I think as we baby boomers get along in our years, we think more and more about what we didn't do.  My life was generally sheltered and I missed a lot of basics. In fact, until I had my son, I didn't know the children's tales like Cinderella, Snow White and the like. I was child #5 to older parents and they had done all that with the elder kids. When I had my son, I finally got to learn these things. In fact, it was just a few years ago I saw the movie "Mary Poppins" and learned the tale of the Nutcracker. 

I have a bucket list as well. That I consider to be things of great significance I want to see or do. Here's just some of them - 

Visit another country/use my passport
See the northern lights
Go to the Burning of Zozobra celebration in New Mexico
See autumn peak colors in New England
Drive across country
Go on a cruise
Ride in a limo
Sometimes in life we miss out on things we can't go back and do, like telling someone we loved them before they died or have a child when we didn't get around to it. But, so much of what we regret in life is what we never dared to do.

Julie and I will be sharing videos on the Groovy New Life YouTube channel and on here, as well as our Instagram. We are really stoked to let everyone know what we it's like to do something the first time and if we thought it lived up to the hype in our minds. 

In fact, I will be doing one of my firsts on Thursday when Julie and I have a slumber party with one of our dear friends. The girls are  going to support me as I try one of the things on my list and I will share the results on here! 

There is something about novelty in your life that takes you off the regular path and makes you approach things differently. Wow, if this new thing was so cool, imagine what other new things could be cool? Your world suddenly widened and your assumptions about who you are and how you do things is suddenly flexible. 

Start your list now!