Putting Grief in Perspective

Post by Sharon

I feel that I've come to a place with loss that I feel I become more linked by the energy stream of the spiritual.

When we are alive, it's like we have phantom limb syndrome - we feel the soul, but we can't seem to connect with it. It remains separate because we are dealing with what we can see and hear right in front of us.

When we lose loved ones - we keep a tie that is a spiritual umbilical. It stimulates us to have to pull away from mortal preoccupations and take note of that connection. Sometimes, it's in the form of a graveside conversation, or a thought before nodding off at night, a prayer, maybe an out-of-the blue thought of that person.

The more people I lose, the more consciously aware I am of the eternal life stream. The distance seems negated and the bond even deeper.

It's as if life says "you won't have this soul in your life in physical form any longer, they will do more for you on the other side."  

And now you begin a journey of your mortal life relating to the soul life of your loved one and it's a guardian angel, a peace, a surety that there is eternal life, and one hell of a greeter on the other side!