Reconnecting With Nature in a Playful Way

Post by Sharon

Remember as a kid pretending a tree was a person or lying down and looking up to see clouds dance by in the shapes of elephants and hearts? 

It's so simple to bring nature back into your life in a magical way that makes you pause throughout the day and go "I love this life!" 

Here (above) I placed bottles near the grapevines as if they are staring down their fate. Sunshine going through the bottles brought the patio alive with promise.

Here (above) my fiance, Dennis Guern, does a little metal detecting while we walk through the desert in search of seeds for planting in the yard. 

Bringing the local natural-growing plant life into your yard means no maintenance. They already grow without watering or attention in their unattended landscape. 

In one year's time, I've brought the desert alive to the backyard just two blocks away from this desert (above). 

And metal detecting brings you out to look at the ground, the rocks, and potential finds in the earth. Often times, we run into wildlife, birds of prey in the sky, and get inspired for a rock stack.

And, in that unexpected way the universe creates magic without you realizing it, it was this rock stack (above) I made and displayed on Facebook that drew my future fiance's attention and conversation. 

The universe brings us magic and so much to be thankful for. Always come from a place of appreciation and gratitude and it creates ripples of goodness that touches everything around you and the world responds to those ripples....

Nighttime brings a whole different connection to nature. Head outside and watch the stars, look for UFOs if you want, make a wish, consider the vastness of this universe. Contemplate the potential other universes. 

Take some perspective photo shots - here my fiance is eating the moon.

Build a bonfire, tell stories, cook supper on a stick.
If you're at the beach, record the sounds to take home. 

Photography is perhaps one of the best ways to connect with nature. Zooming in on a part of a plant can bring it a new life you never imagined. Get down on your belly and shoot. Upskirt a flower. 

In this photo above I was drinking ice water and realized through the bottom of the glass I could see the garden. Get new perspectives daily on your universe, looking at it from a new angle, noticing tiny things you never stopped to recognize. This creates a feast for the soul and a humbling thank you to your world.

You can look at a lake, or you can put your feet in under a shady tree and sigh.

Here I am (above) as the infamous Pirate ShRed (Sharon the Red) the Bubble Blower.  Bubbles outside gorgeous with sunlight. Watch the colors as they float up into the sky.  

I actually keep a container in every room to blow when I need to brainstorm or just unwind. It's like a cue for my mood to shift to giggles. 

Run through a sprinkler.

Swing on a swing. 

Pick wildflowers.

Make a daisy chain.

Suntan like a teen from the 70s (with coconut-scented sunblock).

Plant seeds. Put your hands deep in the dirt and squeeze. Look for worms. 

Float on a raft and daydream.

Remember a.m. transistor radios? Put some Eagles tunes on and go outside like it's summer break.

Fill a hummingbird feeder and put it near the window so you can watch.

Build a bird house.

Hang up wind socks or whirlygigs.

Bare feet. Let the earth's energy enter your body. We were born to the earth, we feel Her frequency most directly when we're "grounding."
Houseplants. It's the newest trend and there's a reason. With so many spending their time indoors, a window with hanging pots and table tops with greenery creates healthy air and a connection to nature when work forces us to be inside for long periods of time.

Plot out a dream treehouse - even if you don't built it, plan it out. 

Pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out.

Find any excuse you can to live outdoors while indoors. Open the windows, feel the breeze. 

Hang some windchimes

Inhale springtime scents.

Start using natural beauty products and scents

Eat fresh and in season from your garden or the farmer's market. 

Grow and drink tea

Make garden art - sculpture - old windows and doors - repurposed dresser for a planter.

Every time you enter the outdoors, consider looking at it like a kid seeing possibilities. Explore. Contemplate. Be inspired and always thankful!