Spring Garden Planting - What to Plant

Post by Sharon

The ground thaws. The seed catalog beckons. It's time to grow! Whether you do so in a planter box (like below), or the vertical planter (below) on a patio or you get hardcore and get down on your knees to plant old-fashioned rows, there are lots of veggies beckoning. 

This might be the year to try something you didn't grow before and find ways to utilize it in your diet.

I have owned 6 of these over the past decade so I could grow on a large apartment patio and also inside near a sunny window in the wintertime. They are great!

34 Packets of heirloom seeds for planting

Here's some unusual ones to grow that you might not have tried before 
These are unbelievably beautiful when they flower and are a large enough plant that they act like a big bush


The health benefits of turmeric have made them very popular. It is most effective when served with a fat like an oil, black pepper, and heated to a warm state.


So healthy and so tasty! Not many people think of growing them but they are fun to watch mature. 

The hotter it gets, the happier chamomile is. It grows tons and tons of tiny flowers that smell amazing. Pluck and dry and make relaxing bedtime tea.