Emulating the Surfer Lifestyle

Painting by Sharon

Post by Sharon

I daydreamed about being a surfer since my first "Gidget Movie" and that determination was reinforced by "Beach Blanket Bingo" and the other assorted Frankie and Annette films. 

I started skateboarding around 10 years of age, teaching myself tricks and making up names for them because in the DC area, there weren't a lot of skaters in the early 70s, especially in my bedroom community of Fairfax.

Most of my fantasies about adulthood were based on moving to California, surfing, and maybe designing surfer clothing.

The influence is still in me today in surfer jewelry, hemp items, beach wear, and my fantasies of vacations to the sea.

There's a surfer inside most baby boomers who grew up in an era of beach worship with tunes from the Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and Jimmy Buffett. 

I grew up in the Chesapeake area with no waves. Now, I'm in the desert far from the ocean. But the surfer lifestyle and attitude abound within my heart and soul.

And the lifestyle is back with a vengeance with baby boomers downsizing, living in tiny houses on wheels, mobile and able to set up on a beach or simply live the casual lifestyle with few possessions but the wanderlust in the heart.

Simple ways to embrace the lifestyle even if you can't be at the beach?

Consider building a fire pit that is in the sand. Maybe have a summer beach-themed party out back.

Make a coffee table of a surf board 

Wear beach colors - sea, sky, citrus and sand - 

Wear surfer jewelry. It's not just puka shells. It includes carvings made of bone, abalone, seed beads, and hemp. 

bone necklace - Hawaiian style

Start following on YouTube the nature folks living in Hawaii for a new perspective to incorporate in your life.

Listen to some indie surf music 

Make fish tacos and have with Coronas and lime.

Consider taking on the mental state of pursuing something that gives you a rush, something that is a passion deep in your soul, to the point that all the little things you fret over wash away and you're left with the "truth" about your life - your divine calling.

Use a balance board to develop surfing muscles. Even if you don't get to the water, you get a fun workout. 

It's time to go back in the way-back machine and consider some of the lifestyle choices you made when you were younger. Perhaps you don't want to toke in front of the grandkids, but why not have an impromptu trek to the water - lake, river, ocean on a whim? 

How about setting up a play pool or inflatable jacuzzi out back and spending some time with coconut suntan lotion on? 

Wear those old cut-off jean shorts with the pockets hanging out underneath, frayed edges, and a concert tee. 

Put the salt sea spray on your hair and let it be naturally wavy and wild. Think about adding some braids and beads. 

How about a she shed or a man cave that is a Hawaiian hut -

Loosen up the look inside your home to include plants near the windows, hanging and on shelves, sisal rugs, sea shells, beachy colors, casual white dishes, and light.

Ultimately, taking on your surfer lifestyle into your present day is a liberating endeavor. No more worrying about the Joneses, kid-proofing the house, or formal living rooms. Casual out. Downsize. Simplify. Have family gatherings outside instead. Wear sandals. Be chill.