Vitamin C Loading

Post by Sharon

**Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I am a very educated human being. I am sharing my experiences because I know there are others who are curious about the worth of vitamin C. Please talk to your medical professional, preferably a nutritionist, as most physicians have almost no education in the matter of vitamin benefits.**

Eight weeks of Vitamin C loading - 4000 mg daily

Rule of thumb is to take as much as you can stand until you get diarrhea or gas/rumbling. Supposedly, the diarrhea/gas/rumbling is the effect of you not using the extra C. If you need to load a lot, you needed C a lot. If you have extra vitamin C and your body didn't use it, it ends up in your waste system to be shed.

I've worked in health care and always studied nutrition, but it was some amazing results on studies of vitamin C for viruses and cancer that made me ponder what it might do for me. 

I could take more than 4000 mg as I have not reached "overload" signs yet, but I wanted to see what 4000 might do. I take 1000 four times a day of ascorbic acid. Because it's working so well, I will likely go to maintenance around 5000 mg a day and double that if I'm getting sick (although so far no signs I will succumb to colds and such), so I might go on to using powder in water instead and continue to spread the amounts out over the day. 

With a history of kidney stones in my youth, I believed the common warning about vitamin C and kidney stones. My urinary system has never been better and I have read more on real studies about it and it seems that there is no correlation. The benefits of taking this are so good that I wouldn't stop because of common misconceptions. 

I'm remaining very objective about what it's done. I do this because over the decades I've tried various supplements to see what effect they might have and collage, Vitamin D and Vitamin C have all three been the ones I will never give up!

 Here's what I've noted in two months: 

Cell turnover on my skin is a bit quicker than usual and so I have to exfoliate a lot.

No sickness, even around sick folks and out in crowds. In fact, I was kissing my fiance when he was spiking a flu fever. Nope. Nothing. I've been around folks with active head colds. Nada. 

And, I'm pondering if dormant things like Epstein-Barr or Varicella and other viruses that lurk in the system are held down or even killed off by this process. I have wondered if some of my long-term issues with bouts of feeling tired, old, and fibromyalgia symptoms were some kind of virus in the background that simply knocks me on my butt.

Since starting high dose vitamin C, I feel inside literally like I'm 18 years old. I felt old and rickety before I started this and I feel like my endurance is amazing and general sluggishness and feeling "elderly" are gone. And I have yet to finish menopause at 57 so I'm in the height of the change over right now (late bloomer) and I feel amazing! I have not felt this good inside since I was maybe 35-40.

It has also had a change in my appetite. I am not thinking about food, wanting to eat when I'm not hungry. I'm turning things away, shoving 

stuff aside I normally would feel compelled to complete. Weight is coming off steadily and with tons of energy, I am running around getting more done than usual. My muscles are one of the real indicators for me, the aches and pains of sitting still too long and then getting up and moving around have lessened by perhaps 50%.

The effects on skin are apparent but also on cuts. The cuts I've had since I began heal so rapidly that it's almost creepy. I use Vitamin C serum in my coconut oil for my skin too and the combination seems quite impressive.

I am going to see how this goes over the long-term but I am convinced I will keep up Vitamin C. I might go with an easier form to take like powder in water or such because tablets are rather dense and heavy and sometimes sink on my mouth full of water and stick to my tongue so they are hard to get down.

Mood wise, I am impressed by how fast I recover from upsetting events and my mind is able to get back to logic and not ruminate so my bounce back is hours instead of days or weeks.

Here's just one of many good physicians (LINK) explaining why vitamin C in high doses is helpful. It has been used for cancer cure and viral cures. Some interesting cases in peer review over decades. It has been used for moods too and curing HIV, cancer, hepatitis, flu, and more. If you are stopping smoking, high doses really alleviates the symptoms.

This is my own experience but I like to share because others might want more input from "real" people trying health improvement measures. My reaction to Vitamin C loading may vary from others, but for now, I am utterly amazed and cannot imagine my life without vitamin C in megadoses!