Why Americans Love Breweries!

Post by Sharon

Kids have playgrounds. Teens have malls. Adults have breweries.

Here's some reasons we love them and some recipes from some of the yummiest ones - 

Americans are generally a casual people. We mix up backgrounds, languages, lifestyles, and money status so that at any given time we are approachable and ready to have fun. We are also used to an abundance of good foods with many influences. And, in the relaxed setting of a brewery with our favorite - beer and great conversation with tasty nibbles, and we are in our element.

Breweries are the great commonality where everyone is on the same page.

Their offerings and trends come and go. For a time, cheese curds were the thing, roasted brussels sprouts, cole slaw on sandwiches, sliders, and soft pretzels were universally served.

Most breweries now are sought after as innovative creators of tasty foods that are elevating it to a level of casual fine cuisine. Some influences include Pacific Northwest, Southwestern, and Asian influences. 

Some breweries go the pub route with British and Irish offerings, German and French.

The key to pub food is appetizer-sizing for sharing.  Most breweries enjoy utilizing local foods and influences. Here in the southwest, you can find things like poblano chicken chowder and house smoked Idaho trout dip.  

If you're visiting a town, consider going to one of its breweries for unique craft beers that coordinate with local favorite food ingredients. Seasonally, beers change and the flavor palate shifts giving you all new flavors to try. 

At home, you can replicate some of those innovative nibbling foods found at breweries. Put the TV on with a sports game and volume off, play some music, darken the room a bit, and invite friends over to your own home "brewery."

Most grocery stores offer a six-pack holder you can fill with a variety of loose beer bottles of various flavors to replicate the "tastings" at the breweries. Places like Cost Plus Imports and BevMo have lots of beers from around the world to sample.

Here's some popular recipes to help - 

Cheese curds
Fish tacos
IPA beef sliders
Fried pickle chips
Fried Mac and Cheese

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