Activities To Do During the Quarantine

Post by Sharon

Quarantine is a new concept for us. We are used to staying home with the flu, but not staying home because we don't have the flu. 

Before you drive your loved ones nuts with your absorption of news statistics and fretting over the checkbook and supplies, how about some simple and fun ways to reconnect with yourself while you can still have that focus?

Remember the first few days of summer break? You'd sleep in, eat a giant bowl of cereal while watching reruns of "I Love Lucy?" Maybe you'd get on your bike and see what the other kids were up to. Some kids were rushed off onto family vacations right away, so you hung with the ones who were still around.

Maybe after a few weeks, the daily routine of hanging out got old. Perhaps you plotted a trek to the public pool or swimming hole. Over a month's time you were well and truly into some endeavor, perhaps redecorating your bedroom, building a tree fort, or plotting an expedition into the forest with your friends to look for pirate treasure....

As time moved on, your projects became focused on reinventing yourself, chasing that boy that you had a crush on, preparing to get straight A's in the coming school year, getting a new look for fall....

So it goes with quarantine. After a few days of much-needed rest and cleaning the neglected home, it's time to do something with free time. Here's just a few suggestions. 

A simple game of solitaire with a card deck. 
Make something from scratch, like bread or cookies.
Reorganize your closet.
Take an afternoon nap.
Talk with friends about a goal this summer - a camping trip, a road trek, a pool party.
Finish a household project like fixing a leaky sink or painting a wall.
Spend time in the yard plotting out the spring plantings.
Turn off TV and Internet and look around you for inspiration.
Pick up a beloved hobby again - crocheting, art, music, woodworking....
Write that book you always wanted to complete.
Walk the dog(s) on a new route.
Spend some time in nature, collect pine cones, dead limbs, and make something decorative from it.
Create a composter and begin your prep for spring planting. 
Box up and bag up items for donation to clear out clutter and feel less crowded.
Call and talk to folks you haven't contacted in a while. 
Build a blanket fort and watch some movies with a loved one.

- YouTube Channels that are intriguing to watch - 

Off Grid With Jake and Nicole This crazy couple decided to get some land in British Columbia in a rainforest where they set up a yurt, got some cats and dogs, and began a life of sustainability off grid. 

Downshiftology  This lovely and sweet food expert with a host of autoimmune issues, shares how to make meals that offer lots of healthy benefits while being absolutely delicious. She is neat, precise, and very sweet. And the foods are off the charts good.

Terry Carter  As a total dork who loves Indiana Jones adventures, Terry Carter is the kind and brilliant man who decided to record the secrets of our archaeological world with folks who have made amazing finds or know of crazy hidden treasures. 

Law of Attraction Coaching  These speakers really motivate you and give you a new healthy perspective on life and your part in it. I'm especially a huge fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit  This channel is just plain fun. It gives you the total beach and swimsuit, fun in the sun feel. It's exotic escapism in a time when flying is restricted. The good news is you don't have to wait in line at the airport, be dragged around on shuttles, rent a car and get lost, or exchange your currency.

The Sorry Girls  A couple of adorable Canadian girls who love thrifting and upcycling items. Their adventures are always upbeat and fun. 

Outdoor Channel  Fishing, hunting, camping - all you could want to experience! 

MindOverMunch  This energetic and talented lady teaches us how to prep meals for the week and make easy family meals with such ease that we aren't sure whether to hug her or wag a finger at her because our mamas never taught us these things. 

Classic Movies  A channel for those of us who miss old movies like "With Six You Get Eggroll." 

If you have Amazon Prime - look at some retro fun - 

"How To Stuff a Wild Bikini"
"Beach Blanket Bingo" 

"The Endless Summer"
"I Love Lucy" (season 1)
"Green Acres"
"Earth Girls Are Easy"
"The Nutty Professor" 
"Terror Train"
"Dream a Little Dream" 

Whatever you do during this down-time, consider things that will give you pleasure and reward. It's time to finally push aside outside commitments and distractions and really get to know what's important. When the world gets back to normal (normal being a relative thing), you will feel a renewed energy.