Color Your World! Why Color Can Change Your Life

Post by Sharon


Color is like people. 


Color is the aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of light being reflected or emitted from them.

Susie is a bubbly person. She seems to emit yellow!  Joseph is a stoic man.  He seems to reflect silvery gray. 

Color can create a synesthetic host of reactions including scent, sentiment, association, taste, and emotion.

Seasonally we are drawn to certain colors, but at the heart of your most honest and open soul, there is a color palette that draws you in every time!

Depending on the phase of my life, my color palette and the very energy of my spirit changed. During a dark time of a bad marriage, I took to deep rich autumn colors, haunting music, darkness, and seclusion. 

For me now, it's been citrus and seas and sky!

There is something about the colors of vibrant gardens, fruit, ocean, and sky that makes me feel utter bliss. 

What do you colors sound like to you?

Here's my sound - (along with nature sounds of a wood-masted sailboat and the ocean). Steel drums suit very well!

How do you name your colors?

For me - mango, papaya, banana, tangerine, apricot, fruit punch, lime, sea glass green, aquamarine, sky blue, periwinkle....

What are the scents of your color palette?

For me - ginger, green tea, sweet orange, lime, bergamot, coconut, and jasmine....

What foods might embody your colors? 

Sherbet, Smoothies, fruit salad, cilantro and tomatillo salsa, strawberry daiquiri, creamsicles, mojito, and watermelon.

What movies embody your color palette?

For me - "The Secret Garden" (1993), "Stealing Beauty," "Under the Tuscan Sun," "Summer Lovers," "Captain Ron."

How can color change your life? Go into a store some time and see where your eyes take you. There are hidden clues. Recall a favorite season or a favorite holiday. What colors are represented?

My color palette is Spring and I am not crazy about hot summertime, but I love flowers blooming, green coming back, sea and sky before they get misty with humidity, and the lush bright color of new grass.

Although autumn is very much my favorite season, the colors are not my own. I own them for a brief time and return them because my true color season is spring! In fact, finding clothes for me is easiest that time of the year when my sea and citrus as showing.

Start to note what season you find your colors in a wardrobe and you might know just how to color your world!