Crafts: My Faux Turquoise Bottle

Post by Sharon

Julie and I started playing with bottle crafts. If we wanted to paint the bottle, we would first decoupage tissue paper over the surface for something to paint on. You can do this with a mix of white glue and water or something like Mod Podge glue. Glue the paper down and then brush atop of it with more of mix. Let dry. 

Then, glue clay to the surface in shapes you want. I began with turquoise pieces but then decided they would look cool with a silver setting that is classically southwestern, so I cut tiny cuts into the edges to make the setting. I let the air-drying clay to dry.

I painted the entire thing black first. Then, I began to work on the turquoise pieces to color them as I wanted them to look like turquoise you might see in a bolo tie or squash blossom necklace. Then, I painted the edges silver, leaving the black that was underneath to remain in the cracks to give depth and real look to it.

Then, when it was dry, I polyurethaned the stones and settings with a gloss. 

I am probably going to wrap some leather cording around the bottle cap or silver chain.

I am ready to move on to a lamp next!