Desert Pirate!

Post by Sharon

It is time for me to define my style a bit more appropriate to what the focus of my life is right now. 

Having gone through a phase of bright pastels for years and lots of beach references and surfer jewelry, I felt myself shifting into something more earth-friendly and appropriate to where I live - the desert.

So, my new look is a bohemian offshoot I like to call "Desert Pirate." 

The colors are a palette like you might find in British Explorer/Safari range with oatmeal, tan, khaki, browns, and spice colors. 

I found some examples of the elements - 

Fabrics/pieces - linen and cotton staples, mixed textures, monochromatic tones, vests, thin layers, suede, natural-toned leather. 

Accessories - twine, rope, jute, hemp, turquoise, layered heavily, Native, surfer, scarves, hats, tie belts, fringe, embroidery, highly textured, wood beads.

Here I am loaded up with turquoise and stacked bracelets with wood beads and turquoise.

Using braids and wearing lots of turquoise tones like the desert sky. The pirate elements show in tousled braided hair and overuse of jewelry, clothes linen crinkled like safari wear or wispy and sheer to float in the wind.

Makeup is very matte
a bit of Cover Girl aquamarine shadow under eye
browns/golds above eyes
black liner on top eyelash line only fine brush wetted
lipsticks from peach to coral

Some stores I like to find these things in - 

Look for shops that have outdoors, sporting, resort, safari, western wear.