From Goodwill Lamp to Boho Chic

Post by Julie

I was looking for a lamp at Goodwill to do more clay art on it. I found this interesting lamp without a shade. I wanted to try something different instead of clay. 

I found a lacy top and thought the pattern was perfect to glue onto the lamp. It turned from dull to an interesting piece of art. 

I put it in my guest bedroom which has a hippie/boho vibe. It fits the room perfectly. 

I also used the same lacy pattern on a glass milk bottle. I painted the bottle white and then stippled the blue paint over the lace. 

I added polyurethane to seal the paint and give it a shine. I love the way the bottle turned out. 

I added my dragonfly necklace and will be putting small sunflowers in it to finish off the design. That will also be added to my guest room.