Going Blonde to Transition to Gray

Post by Sharon

Contemplating the transition to full-time gray is a dilemma for most of us. 

My mom dyed her hair black (was auburn) and my sister and brother who were auburn passed away before graying. No one told me red would lose it's bam and become strangely yellow straw colored. With my roots at this point pure silver, I wonder about the transition to gray. I'm not ready to go full silver yet and with long hair the transition is a tough one. 

I love my red hair. I'm proud of the zippy girl I was - 

There comes a time when doing one's hair black or bright red looks clown-like as we age. Smart women know to transition to something lighter and softer, not only because it's less of a contrast with roots growing out, but also because our skin tones get paler.

Jacklyn Smith is one of many celebs who know to age into the blonds. 

Julia Roberts

Paulina Porizkova

Not sure if blond is a solution for me, but I am beginning to think that my life is changing rapidly and my color might need to change too. I wondered if I could pull off blond. I was mostly blond with some red - strawberry blond - as a young child. It could work. 

Then, I looked at my son with the same eyes and skin tones - he was a gorgeous blond as a child.

Being about 90% Scandinavian and the rest Scots-Irish, I suspect I have an ideal coloring. This might be a great transition for my life changes when it might be too late to be brassy and too early to be silver. 

Here's a color I really like for me - 

Is blonde a good option for keeping skin looking healthy and youthful when strong contrasts make you look pasty and old? Even highlights might be a good option for most, especially with spring and summer coming. 

I promise to share my evolution!

Here it is - color from Nutrisse picture above. 
I love it!