Let Your Inner Nerd Shine!

Post by Sharon

Most people assume that nerds and geeks are super smart overachievers in the science or technology realm, but they are you and me. We all have some dork in us, whether we can't stop collecting decorations with cats on them, tend to overthink things, prefer a quiet night at home, never wear black, wish they'd bring back "Earth 2" show, or other eccentricities. 

Let's talk about embracing that uniqueness. 

As a writer, I often say it, but a character's weakness is also his strength. So, if you have an eccentricity or an odd bend, wear it proudly. It's time to define who you are.

Do you want to wear rastas? How about a propensity to like tees with sayings on them? Are you obsessed with cats? Do you own all the 3D movies you can find? 

We often think of nerds as those who study books too much and gather info in their heads, but nerds are quirky folks who may not fit in some ways with the common folks. Perhaps they live for renaissance festivals or laugh at inappropriate times, want to wear the same hat to every outdoor event or have Jerry Lewis movie marathons. 

Nerds are really just people with eccentricities, quirky behaviors, tastes, or focuses of activity.

Here's some fun ways to express it. 

Take pride in your individuality and your quirkiness. It's what makes you so lovable and memorable!