Manifesting: Away from COVID-19 Drama and Toward the Positive Future

Post by Sharon

There's a phenomenon called "Target Fixation." Driving along the road, you might look at the wreck on the side of the street and want to avoid it, but by looking at it and concentrating on it, you drive into it.

In subtle ways what we focus on, we drive ourselves right into. The subconscious mind takes it as a directive. If you don't believe it, imagine picking a lemon, feeling the waxy surface, the dimples, and then smelling it, finally biting into it, juice squirting. The salivary glands react and that's just what you're envisioning!

I used to hate flying and dentists so much that the only way to get through it was to envision clearly every step I would take when I leave the building or land on the tarmac. I'd picture gathering my purse, filing out, getting into a car, and what I'd do with the rest of the day. This did two things - it distracted me and subconsciously it told me I was going to get out safely or land safely with a future unfolding ahead of that and the awful thing behind me.

Start with a calendar. Look at the upcoming months. Start to make some goals, envision clearly some places you want to be and things you want to be doing. I go so far as to find photos online and then photoshop my face on them! Now, I can really imagine how it feels and what it looks like.

While you have some extra time forced at home, work on that vision board - a corkboard with photos of what you want to make happen this year or simply do a Pinterest board with pics. I often put pics on the fridge so I see them often.

A little perusing around the internet can show you some cool images of beaches, cars, houses, gardens, travel, bikinis, motorcycles, or whatever you envision for 2020. 

It's critical you believe that this is your fate. It is written in the history books already. You have no choice - this is going to happen

Now, knowing that it's a reality, begin to plan for it. You going to a beach this summer? Get the swimsuit and the body in shape, buy some beach toys, and prepare. Make it a "given." Taste it, feel it, live it. 

The problem with obsessing and focusing on the present quarantine and economy problems is going to create manifesting scenarios in your brain of bankruptcy, lack of food, sickness, and death. By focusing on those, the subconscious mind produces proper stress hormones to handle the bad things and you start to lead yourself toward the very things you don't want to happen.

Look at it this way - 

When we were kids, people asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our future plans were based on things like "a singer," "an astronaut," "the president." We didn't list "I want to be sure I'm not a homeless person" or "I really don't want to die young." Goals, by the nature of their meaning, is what we WANT, not what we DON'T WANT.

Happy manifesting!