Recreating Your Favorite Celebrity's Look

Post by Sharon

Sometimes, there are celebrities that we identify with or idolize. There is just something about their energy, their personality, their appearance that sings to our tastes.

Celebrities have some advantages of stylists and others who help them hone their look, but their style can be emulated once you understand their category.

Kate Hudson 

Attitude is everything. If you have wavy beach hair, let it tumble and you are an ideal look for bohemian. Maxy dresses, East Indian-inspire Batiks, scarves, tons of stacked jewelry, dangles, fringes, and flowing unstructured garments.

Kate has a great smile and attitude. She's one of those easy to be around people. There is nothing stuck-up or pompous about her style or attitude. 

And that is the key - if you want to emulate your favorite celeb, see how she carries herself, her attitude in the public light, her poise and grace or casual arms and legs flailing awkwardness. 

It helps to find a star that you relate to by looks or personality. Enjoy some of her romantic comedies to get a sense of her dynamic "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days" or "Fool's Gold" are two of my faves! Kate would be the girl who gets highlights every springtime to get ready for her sunshine season.

Another era of bohemian would be Janis Joplin and even Stevie Nicks.  The modern-day Olsen twins embody bohemian hardcore.

Diane Lane 
Classic/Town and Country

Diane is a classic gal. You see her a lot in white, navy, black, structured and business crisp clothing. Her hair is neatly cut and straight at her collarbone area. Her makeup is simple and clean. Her jewelry is expensive and scaled to her delicate frame. She floats like a well-practiced pageant gal.

The key to her fresh look is springtime. Just think of springtime and you will get her vibe. She is radiant without tons of makeup or big hair. You are compelled to stare into her eyes and see her soul. She holds nothing back there, even though her exterior is neat and classic.

In style categories, she'd be listed as a Town and Country girl. As she gets more mature, she has had the sense to soften her hair color and keep it in warm tones. It suits her skin and doesn't look harsh. 

In the past era, you would find Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn both in this category.  

Sheryl Crow 

At times, Sheryl seems rather beachy and California casual and there is an undercurrent of denim and country in much of her clothing. Her hair is long and tumbling from the sea air and her body is toned and tanned. You can tell this girl loves the outdoors!

An artist, a nature lover, a poet and a singer. She's definitely got a creative vibe about her. She's very approachable. You can also tell a lot of deep thinking goes on under her casual exterior. You can almost see her jumping on a motorcycle and stopping at a honky tonk or romping on the beach in a bikini with total confidence. She's a woman who fits in with the common folk and we adore her for it.

Layered necklaces, highlights in the hair, some sea spray for the natural waves in her hair, and minimum of makeup for a very natural look. She knows how to let her athletic body and suntanned skin steal the show in tank tops. 

If you tend to run out of the house with your hair not brushed, get some color on your skin in the summer season, adore denim and tank tops, spend times outdoors, like rock and country music - this is your celeb to emulate. She's a girl next door and very approachable which is just the right kind of person for this look. 

In a past era, Carly Simon was in this category. 

Avril Lavigne 
Skater Punk/Rocker

Rebel celebs are fun. They are juicy, get into mischief, say it like it is, and feel they are cutting a path through trends to create their own niche. Avril started out as a skater punk but got her chops on as a rocker girl with an attitude. 

If you question authority, like to change hair colors often, was a tomboy, and want to set your own style and path, you might be an Avril girl. 

Avril loves her dark-lined eyes. She's just fine with not brushing her hair. You'd likely find her wearing a loose men's tie with a tank top or old-fashioned black guy's high-top sneakers and dyed jeans. 

In the past, someone like Lulu the singer/actress and Gidget too had this vibe of sass and determination. Avril has that tomboy trying to look girlie thing going on.

If you like a pink stripe in your hair now and then, a few rings on each finger, torn jeans, dark-lined eyes and an attitude, you are an Avril girl. She's like that sassy kid sister than never grows old!

For me, I find that I relate with Sheryl Crow and Elle MacPherson and to some degree Diane Lane. The vibe is vibrant, outdoorsy, casual, beachy hair, surfer jewelry, and a more natural look. Because of my coloring, I sometimes lean towards a Victorian Era look of red tumbling hair and pale skin, but do so with seashell stacked jewelry and pastel beachy colors. I refer to myself as a Viking Mermaid. 

When you know yourself and you have someone to emulate, it really helps to focus the look.

The hair, the poise, the attitude, the clothing and accessories all come together to a look. When you bring yours together with the elements of your idol, it become decidedly your own.