Salvation Mountain and Slab City: Hippie Trippy Freedom

Post by Sharon

In the California desert east of Salton Sea in Niland, an art project was begun that took 28 years to complete. Made of dirt and cement, this project took a LOT of latex paint to cover. 

A man named Leonard wanted to make his mark in the world to spread the word of love and beauty.  

With this amazing project came artists and nomadic free-spirited folks looking for a peaceful existence away from the bills and commitments of the city who established themselves in an area nearby called "Slab City." Retirees wanting to winter, folks wanting to live without bills in a community of like-thinkers found Slab City be especially attractive in the winter months.

More folks than not complain that Slab City has no laws, lots of tweakers and mayhem. To some, the concept of a city without laws in a warm winter desert sounds nice. Imagine the stars at night without city lights and the dry mild air? 

Is it worth it to winter in Slab City? Most retirees will say they would rather be in Quartzsite or somewhere with facilities and laws. 

Do you want to winter there? Well, consider the pro's and con's of freedom but also no law enforcement.