Spring Fever! Getting Your Springtime Launched

Post by Sharon

It's springtime, right? For some it's forced quarantine, for others struggling to find toilet paper still, and for yet another group it's still wintry feeling.

Springtime is a calendar place setting and also a season, but what's amazing about it is the energy. Springtime energy is like no other time of the year. It is about rapid regrowth which all of us citizens will be experiencing once China's newest invention - COVID-19 exits the playing field and the neutral position it left us in. 

Everything is an upheaval from the tiny seed to the bursting flowers. Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards and more find their way to the gardens to pollinate and satisfy their hunt for food. 

Let's start with sounds that feel like spring - 

Let's move on to bringing in the scents of springtime. With blossoms abounding, springtime is all about the flowers, orange blossoms, jasmine, wisteria, lilac, roses, wet pine and grass. Here's some ways to bring it alive in your home and on you - 

Continuing the feel of springtime, let's look at some shift in fashion. Springtime brings on resort wear and khaki safari clothing. This is a good look for just about anyone.

- Shops to check out for spring- 

(my very favorite for mix and match action clothing that goes from beach to store)
(my favorite for beach and resort wear at great prices)
(I love this mix and match super super soft clothing)
(a bit pricier, but the nicest western feeling resort wear)
(standard favorite for middle agers who are chic)

In the mood for some spring-like movies to get you warmed up? Here's my suggestion list  - 

Some ways to launch your spring fever -

Plant wildflower seeds for butterflies and hummingbirds
Get houseplants and hang from macrame hangers at the window
Steep some jasmine tea
Hang up a macrame hammock chair outside
Put a lap blanket on the patio

We may be all penned up for the virus outbreak, but this is a great time to venture outside on the patio, balcony, or backyard with your face to the sun.