When You Decide To Start Prepping

Post by Sharon

The great quarantine of 2020 had some folks thinking about how much money they keep as padding in the bank and how to get goods when shelves empty. 

Time and time we've seen it before hurricanes and blizzards, but to see the mass shelf clearing on a country-wide scale is mind blowing. On any given day there is enough food and products for individuals but when people panic and begin to store away all at the same time, it's critical mass.

Something like these storage shelves above can easily be stored out of the way in a closet or temperature-controlled place. For many, the unused coat closet is an ideal place for shelving and storage. Paper products can be stored in the garage.

Some items you might want to keep for basic needs:

Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Cleaning products
Bottled water
Powdered drink mix like Gatorade powder (takes up less room than soda and good when one is sick with fever or vomiting)
Jarred sauces and soups
Dried beans and rice
Powdered milk and canned evaporated milk
Flour and yeast or packet mixes for making bread
Canned fruit
Canned tuna and chili
Canned meat
Protein bars

There are lots of possibilities to expand the list, but that moves into total prepper territory with weapons, tools, and bug-out bags to hit the road and run. 

This whole situation has made us all think about being more secure in insecure times. There are lots of helpful videos online about this that might help you gain insight into how much you want to change your situation.