Arcosanti: Alternative Living

Post by Julie

Sharon and I got the opportunity to visit and spend a night at this extraordinary place called Arcosanti.  We didn't have any idea what to expect, and we were pleasantly surprised.  The only thing I knew was I would be taking lots of photos of the unique architecture.

Sharon had been asked by her friend to visit Arcosanti many times.  He lives and works there and thought many of the residents would love to hear her ghost experiences.  Since the High Desert Heritage Museum was having an anniversary celebration, he invited us to go, speak about our experiences, sell our books, and then stay the night at nearby Arcosanti.  We could not pass up this chance to see this place because we had talked about visiting there for a few years.

About an hour north of Phoenix is Cordes Junction where many stop to fill up their gas tanks or grab a meal and drinks at the McDonald's or quick mart on their way to Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott.  Cordes Junction may be small, but they are proud of their museum and heritage.  You have to take the turn-off and pass McDonald's to get to Arcosanti.  The road is paved part of the way, but becomes a dirt road up to the facility. 

As you are driving up to the place, you automatically notice the unusual shapes of each building.  We parked in the visitors parking lot, and went up the bell tower to the lobby to get our key.  You immediately notice and hear all the wonderful wind-chimes hanging all over the place.  They make each one there.  The lobby is adorned with many wind-chimes, jewelry, and other pieces of art for sale by the local residents. 

After we got our key and a map of the place, we wandered around in amazement while looking for our room.  We were staying in the Sky Tower suite which was three flights up with no elevators.  They don't have AC units either, just fans.  I have to say that climbing up and down stairs for two days did a number on my calves. 

It was an amazing experience. I would suggest that you give this place a try if you are looking for some place different to stay while in Arizona.