Embracing Your Inner Hippie

Post by Sharon

In the midst of lockdown boredom, I pulled up some marigolds in the yard and made a daisy chain. It's very easy to do. I put on a blond wig, some hippie jewelry and before I knew it - it was 1967. 

I began having tea time in the afternoon, like I did in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up. Got a variety of teas so I never get bored. The ritual of sitting on the patio and sipping tea takes me back. Herbal and chai teas are my vibe!

There's a little bit of hippie inside all of us baby boomers. 

Today, we see people of our age rushing around to build tiny homes and downsize. 

Might make a great she-shed
Plants inside, vines growing up the patio walls...

They want to go solar. 

They plant a garden. 

When the world becomes too crowded and hectic and the commitments to bills and lifestyle costs, mortgage, health care rise and rise and rise, we recall the olden days. The time when we could fold a piece of paper and play tabletop football or tie a rope and make a swing over the water hole. 

Pleasures were simple. Life was less complicated. The things that mattered were creating art, music, connections with others and Mother Earth. Maybe we did crocheting, melted candles, created God's eyes. 

Remember just walking barefoot in grass? Lying down, watching clouds go by? Blowing bubbles? Tending a healing garden of herbs and veggies? Taking a used or tossed out item and upcycling it into new grandness? 

How about just putting on music and moving your body to it? 

Maybe pulling out the macrame string and creating a bohemian plant holder? Men, how about taking the shirt off and working outside? Letting the hair grow long?  

Getting back to nature, handmaking things, creating art, listening to music, and generally mellowing out are all part of the hippie culture. The off-grid culture and preppers today are some of the modern-day representatives of such philosophy. 

Slow down, leave the busy fray, observe, feel, intuit....

Some inspiring guru's on YouTube for tapping your inner hippie/enlightened one - 

Dr. Joe Dispenza - neuroscientist who enlightens on how the brain works and the power of manifesting.
Gregg Braden  - geologist who teaches of the origin and power of humans.
Mystery Teachings - one of my favorites with a physicist who opens up the power of the quantum universe for our use.
Living Off Grid With Jake and Nicole - a couple in British Columbia who built a yurt and a compound with their own hands to live off grid and grow their own food.
Fairyland Cottage - the single most "chill" person on YouTube with a soothing voice, an Irish cottage, and a very purposeful and healthy simple life.
Andrew Saul - the vitamin man!
Ellen Fisher - a wife and mom in Hawaii who is vegan and teaches a chill lifestyle and raising kids with intention and whole foods.

It's great to see the "hippie" movement occurring again in a population that knows they have had enough of McMansions, dual jobs to pay enormous bills, living out of means, and feeling no connections. 

More people want a hand in their own fate and ecovillages are popping up around the world and tiny house communities for more communal living and connection to earth and neighbor. 

Even if you don't reclaim the hippie in you, you can make some efforts to keep the earth clean, live consciously, grow food, and listen to real music. You know, the stuff that was once called rock and roll.


  1. I'm pretty sure that I don't have an inner hippie. What do you call two hippies who die at the same time. A tie-die. bwahahahaha


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