Everyday Psychics

Post by Sharon

I don't talk about it much on this blog, as I discuss it a lot on my other blog, Ghost Hunting Theories, but I have psychic skills. They are ones I was born with and developed over my lifetime. I did so without any training, guidance, or understanding of how I get information and how to interpret it. It was hit or miss trials figuring out how my "tuner" works. There are a lot of people with skills who might say they are intuitive, but have never focused on the gift.

We call oureslves everyday psychics as we don't make a living at it, haven't gone to workshops and studied to do it. It just flows and we're okay that we have this ability, whether we choose to use it or not.

Eventually, after having so many reads on people that scared me away from reading again and again (I was overwhelmed by how I knew things I did about people), I finally settled on the IONS testing site to learn what it feels like when I make a "right" choice on psychic testing and how my mind and body coordinate in the effort. This way, I could learn to recognize the "sureness" I felt when I intuited. 

In this test (above), I had to guess where the red dot might show up in that large square area. My choice was the small blue square. The computer then showed its location for the pick - the red dot. 

In the test above, I was supposed to "will" a card to show up when I clicked on it. My online name for the testing is "autumnforest."

I was born and raised in a Civil War hospital. I dug up artifacts all my childhood and as soon as I held them, I knew so much about the people who had handled them previously. This skill is called psychometry. I would hand the item to my mother the historian and tell her all about the person whom it belonged to. She would smile and pat me on the head for a great imagination. 

And I looked at her like "don't you feel these things?" I didn't realize most people touch something and feel weight, temperature, size, texture, but don't get more info. I was in my 20s before I realized others didn't and that it was considered a psychic skill. I always assumed psychics were fortunetellers.

As a kid, I told my mom the name and job and family and home location of a man who had the belt buckle I just dug up. Today, in the modern world with the Internet, I was able to search the man's name out from the Civil War and my jaw hinged open.

Yes, he not only existed and lived where I said he did, had a wife and kids I described, had the career I told my mom about, but he was also in my hometown during the war as a reporter. 

I have run into people that I tested my skills with, always with people I didn't know. I had a single friend who had singles events. People would pile jewelry on a table for me to read. I didn't know them, but I knew about them by holding their jewelry. 

Some things I learned over the years were to never look at the person or have them talk to you while you do the read. Simply read. Don't look at their expressions. Don't ask them questions. It is the purest form of reading to not bait someone. Their very reactions can have you focusing on the wrong aspect because it's human nature to want to following a path that provides promise.

Here's just some of the readings that scared me away from my skills for a decade. 

At a singles party a skeptical man gave me his wedding ring off his finger. Logical me would have thought that he was getting a divorce. 

But, I knew to read what it gave me, whether it seemed preposterous or not.

"This ring has been in a junk drawer for a long time. It is a symbol to you. It was given to you by a man."

That might seem like a bizarre read, but I don't question what I get.

His face went white. "My brother announced he was gay and left his wife.  He gave me the ring and told me that it meant something to me, but not to him. I was so mad, I put it in a junk drawer for 8 months. I just took it out and put it on as a symbol that I am okay with my brother's decision."


A woman gave me a watch. I looked away and saw a scenario in my mind. "You broke up with a man recently. What you might not know is that a woman at work was intercepting your calls from him and talking to him for quite some time. Her name is Margaret."

The woman and her friend choked. "Yes! I knew it! I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago. He is now dating my co-worker Maggie." 


A man gave me a high school ring. "I'm in your childhood home. There are stairs to the left when you enter. It is airy and two story, in the suburbs. Feels like the Midwest. I go upstairs and the first door on the right is your grandmother's room. She has a saxophone in there. She is very proud. It is something that binds you two together. Walking down the hall I can see the photos of a woman with three dogs, twin middle aged men with their arms around each other in a front yard...." 

The man took the ring away. 

"I can describe where your best friend lives if you want. Out the front door, across the street is a T-intersection. His house is two houses down from the T." 

I could go further in describing colors, carpeting, furnishing, rooms.... 

His grandmother lived with them in the first room on the right upstairs. They both played saxophone and when she passed on, she left it to him, so proud he played. His friend did live in that location. The pictures on the hallway wall were all correct.


A college-aged kid knocked on the door to sell magazines. He was very outgoing and funny and I told him I suspected he was close to winning his prize in the contest. He asked if I was psychic. Yup. He dared me to read a necklace he was wearing.

"You have a brother that is 11 months apart from you. You're the elder, more responsible. He lives very far away and is in trouble often. He hasn't heard from you in a while and he really needs you." 

He took the necklace back with a shaking hand. Yes, his brother was 11 months apart from him and far away. But, he was the younger brother and more responsible. My reading is only as good as my interpretation. I made an assumption he was older because he was more mature. His brother was in the Hawaii drug trade and he had been battling to decide whether to contact him or not, his gut was telling him after five years of silence, they needed each other.


I was asked to a party. My husband at the time worked with a guy engaged to a woman who bought her first house. She wanted the guys to play live music and have a housewarming. I only knew one person at the party. That person knew my psychic skills and had told the new owner.

The woman approached me, wanting me to do a read on the house as she had heard someone in the hallway and someone in her shower. 

I walked with her and her friend down the hallway.  At the first door I let her know that there was an elderly woman in there who shared the room with her grandson. She often left the room to go down the hall and check the front door lock with an OCD-type of dementia.

The next room, I didn't want to enter. The owner of the home had done something illegal in there. 

The master suite, I pictured an angry man, his scared wife, and their small son sleeping between them. The son wanted to protect the mom and also wanted her to comfort him. The woman had tried to kill herself in the shower in the master en suite.

The woman that was with the new homeowner looked shocked. She mentioned she had lived next door for 25 years. And, yes the grandmother was dotty and lived with them. The little boy was afraid of his father. The father dealed drugs out of the extra bedroom. And, the wife slit her wrist in the shower.

The only thing was, they were all alive and living across town now. That part surprised me so much, I officially began ghost investigating. The childhood experiences topped with this house having features of being haunted by the history of the living made me want to seek answers.

An everyday psychic is a person with skills. They might smile when they "coincidentally" have a hit guess. They might deny and stuff down "gut" feelings. They might have odd timing to contact someone at the moment that person was thinking about them.

What you decide to do with your skills is a personal choice. You could make a career of insights for people. Or you could simply think it's a cute skill that is a heightened sense. As well, you might decide you don't know what to do with it and since it can't be quantified, your "guesses" have a 50/50 chance of being accurate, so why act on them? 

Eventually, over the years, I have had numerous plane crash, helicopter crash, tsunamis, tornadoes and other premotion dreams within 24 hours of the event. I even had a professional document them. I found out I could heal with my hands. I found out I could anticipate when someone was going to contact me. I could identify the dead and much about their time here on earth. 

It took me decades to be okay with the skills and my unique vibration that is able to pick up on so much.

I even have fun with it upon occasion.

When I got this aura photo taken, I told the photographer as the Polaroid film was developing that I was going to bring forth the spirits that follow me. She smiled as if that was cute. But then when the paper was peeled back - she could almost see the faces around me.

In this aura photo above, I told the photographer that I was going to look at the spot where I feel spatially I get my psychic insight.

In this aura photo above, it was 2 weeks after my brother's passing. I told the photographer I felt him over my right shoulder all the time.

There are times the skills still startle me, like when I can locate a missing pup or know about serial killers on the run. 

What does an everyday psychic do with such information? My insight into the process is that we get a glimpse beyond the time line that we believe we inhabit. These things are already in the history books, I simply had a jumping glimpse at a reality that cannot be prevented.

Deciding what to do with skills is a personal journey. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, your family and friends, the focus of your time and efforts, it might not be ideal to pursue developing the skills or doing anything with them. But it helps to know that you are very unique and your ability to pick up cues from the universe is your own frequency and wiring. 

It doesn't need to be enhanced or pursued, utilized or monetized. It simply is part of what makes you so very compassionate and understanding of the human process. 

It's impossible not to have the skill and realize how vastly different each person is - they are not right or wrong, they are simply seeing the world through their subjective eyes, just as we are. The need to judge others or change them recedes and you are left with wonder at all the individual snowflakes that we are and how so many variations in the human experience is checks and balances for our world to remain a unique journey not owned by any one personality type.