Happy Earth Day! Hike in the Springtime Desert

Post by Sharon

My fiance, Dennis Guern, and I run Nephilim Stones. We decided to take a day during quarantine and head to the desert right outside my door. 

We were in search of potential interesting rocks or possibly some gold in a desert wash, but mostly we were enjoying the peace.

There were lots of Billy Buttons and Desert marigolds abloom. 

The cacti were all wearing their flowers.

The sun was plentiful, the air very warm, and the bees abuzzing.

There were hawks overhead and ground squirrels rushing into the shade of a rock ledge.

It was a happy kind of exhaustion.

I'm not one for sun and heat and dry weather, but in the springtime and late winter, Southern Arizona is gorgeous. It could not have been more mellow with the constant breeze and the low 80s temperatures.

Wanna know what the desert smells like? 

Creosote bushes release an oil when it's about to rain and the scent is a mix of rosemary or pine and lemon. It's a gorgeous rainy scent. We also have jasmine, agave blossom, jojoba, orange blossom....

Camelback Candles 
Agave Blossom Cologne
Rain in the Desert Creosote Candle