Housebound Boredom: What To Do At Home

Post by Sharon

We're how many weeks into the housebound COVID adherence? Some couples and families are stressed by too much time together, others are simply struggling for activities to make the days less tedious. 

Here's some ideas for things to do with your time that can give you novel experiences so that when this is all over, you are energized and motivated.

Got any rocks in the yard? 

This activity can create patience, balance, fine motor skills refinement, and for those who maybe aren't good at drawing or music, an artistic talent you can put your hands into on an equal playing field with others.

How about a backyard camping trip? The weather is getting nicer and if you have a tent and can't go camping now, do it in your yard. A firepit with some hotdogs on sticks and you're good to go!

This is an ideal concept for those who are outdoorsy and don't feel confident about packing up and going away from home at this time.
Some time in the backyard studying the stars, a peaceful cool night in a tent, and outdoor cooking on the grill or firepit is dreamy.

If you're going to be at home, why not have a little spa staycation?

*Use epsom salts or baking soda in the bathwater
*Use coffee grounds to scrub skin
*Put coconut oil in your hair and on your skin
*Lotion your feet and put in socks
*Paint your nails just for you
*Put on resort-sounding music

*Make some iced tea
*Watch vacation-oriented movies, i.e. Parent Trap, Under the Tuscan Sun, Summer Rental, The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming, Jaws, Gidget, What About Bob?, Weekend at Bernie's, Meatballs, European Vacation, National Lampoon's Vacation.
*Open blinds and curtains.

How about picking up an old talent or hobby?

Consider dusting off your guitar, macrame, painting, sketching, journal writing, book writing, crafts, sculpture....

Don't overlook repairs, rearranging, organizing, downsizing, and other at-home projects you haven't had time to face.

Start doing virtual vacations online with videos of places you want to go, plan out a dream road trek for when the world is open again. Look toward the future and where you want to be this summer, next fall, at the holidays...

Make a video or written diary of this strange time in history for the grandkids to see.

Plant some seeds, start a garden, go outdoors, breathe the air, study the stars at night (there are some cool star-finding apps for the phone that you can aim your phone and find out what you're looking at). Nature is a great energy to draw from.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV and studying the news or movies you've seen a thousand times, consider novelty. It rewews your spirit and motivates you for more new things, more novelty, more experiences.