Look Like a Model: Act Like a Model

Post by Sharon

There's a dichotomy between what a model looks like and what a model REALLY looks like. 

The shot of me on the left (above) is how a model looks. The shot of me on the right (above) is how a model models. 

The plainest looking girls I know are the best models. It's not really about being Barbie perfect. It's really about being raw and natural. 

On go-see's the best advice when meeting a potential client is to keep the makeup very simple so you almost seem to have nothing on, hair either simple and slick or ponytail or bun. 

Clothing is simple as well, a tank top, jeans, a nice tote bag, few accessories. It's the art of dressing as if you're traveling 24/7.

This is me (above) naked faced. I'm not super glamour, but I have the framework to make me into anything because the skin is cared for, the hair is nicely dyed. 

That face can become this - 

Any time you think you are blah, boring, or unattractive, remember that nothing beats hair and skin care. From there, anything can be born. 

Models are really just mannequins. A model on a go-see keeps hair, makeup and clothing anonymous so the designer can imagine how to do them up. 

Classic pieces - think Audrey Hepburn meets teeny bopper - tanks, black, tees, jeans. 

Your face can be made up with a bit of lip stain and some mascara. Keep it simple. No eyeliner.

Great skin makes a great model. All the makeup in the world can't make up for lack of sleep, cigarettes and no exfoliation. 

I exfoliate with a mix of coffee grounds and coconut oil. My skin is cared for with my own mason jar mix of coconut oil, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and hemp oil.  

Basic makeup that is ideal for a model's face - 

Dermacol foundation applied with a Kabuki brush in circular motion
Neutral nude eyeshadows
Silk Fiber mascara
Perfect peach lipstick

Coconut oil
Vitamin C serum
Hyaluronic acid
aloe gel
hemp oil

I make another mason jar of the same ingredients, but much less of the additives and more of the coconut oil. 

Models are graceful. Staying limber and working on balance helps. The old school way was a book atop your head. This forces you to lower your center of gravity and let the thighs do the work when you walk instead of pushing off the toes and using the balls of your feet. The walk comes naturally when you place one foot in front of the other instead of side by side. That simple motion of swinging the foot in front of you and stepping off and swinging other foot in front if creates hip motion and keeps head from bouncing. A good wall mirror, walk towards it and you can get this one down. Looks amazing from behind to any viewers which is what the designers appreciate.

We normally think of models as being stick insects with smiles, but the real draw to a model is her neutral appearance. She can be anyone, glamour'd up and treated like a mannequin. She is eternally youthful in her smile and simple in her makeup. 

Here's some aging models that get it - 

mid 60s

mid 50s

latter 70s

early 70s

about to turn 60

Sadly, the majority of models smoke to stay thin. Some are bulimic and others use speed to burn off calories. 

To act like a model isn't necessarily to do drugs, party all night and jet set around the world with rock stars.

To act like a model is have a presence that is poised and yet neutral. There is no mention of politics, religion, or belittling others. A model should be a responsible sounding board but mostly adaptable to any location, any culture, any assignment. 

In a way, by blasting off the chiseled makeup and looking dewy and neat but natural, walking with confidence, dressing in a classic style, and getting along with the general public in a neutral tone with an optimistic smile and charm, you are exemplifying what a model should be.

Some fictional characters to study to get a sense of a model - 

Devil Wears Prada ("Andie")
Under the Tuscan Sun ("Francis")
Wedding Crashers ("Claire")

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