Movies That Inspire a Makeover!

Post by Sharon

It's in the female gene to want to start over, make new,  or change it up. Even as youths, we started a new school year as someone stunning.

Some movies that inspire style, fashion, a makeover, a redo, a new you - 

Devil Wears Prada
Nerd girl learns fashion. When an ambitious reporter is hired by the top fashion magazine, she has no interest in the business of fashion. Soon, she learns to get somewhere she better drink from the Kool-Aid. This one is a great flick if you love fashion. 

Under the Tuscan Sun
When a book reviewer is cheated on by her husband and divorced, she has nothing to lose. On a trek to Italy to clear her head, she decides to buy a villa and stay. Knowing no one, not even the language, she decides to make her own life there. This is a great flick for those who love Italy and the idea of starting new in a foreign place. 

The Other Woman
A naive Conneticut housewife finds out her husband is cheating on her. She ends up befriending the other woman. They go on the chase for the next woman he's cheating with. All three women come together with girl power to make him pay. This movie is a fun flick for those who like to see a woman stand up for herself and female friendships getting through hard times. 

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Two outcast girls from high school move to LA to have an exciting fashion-oriented life. When their 10-year high school reunion comes around, they fuss and fret about how to look successful and show everyone up. This is a great film if you like to chuckle and enjoy ultimate revenge scenarios. 

Pretty in Pink
She's from the other side of the tracks, but even so this girl makes her own fashion and dreams of being a designer. When a popular boy likes her, she is suspicious and guarded, especially when he shows his true superficial colors. This is a great flick for those who love 80s fashion and poor girl wins scenarios.

Pretty Woman
A hooker in Hollywood gets picked up by a wealthy debonaire man. When he asks her to be his week-long date for business meetings, she accepts and gets to liking the life of being respected and an equal. This is a great flick for those who love fashion and winning the heart of a prince.

The Princess Diaries
An awkward teen who daydreams about her first kiss finds out she's a princess. As if it weren't awkward enough, her grandmother the queen wishes her to be made over into a poised princess. This is a great flick for those who like the ugly duckling transformation and learning grace and poise.

Never Been Kissed
In this adorable flick, an awkward geeky reporter is sent to a high school undercover. While looking for a hot story, she has to relive her awkward times from her own high school years all over again. Eventually, she makes the transformation to a popular. This is a cute flick for those who believe in romantic love, first kisses, and ugly ducklings coming into their own. 

She's All That
A popular guy in high school is dared to makeover a geek. The transformation is complete until she finds out what his task was. This one is adorable for beauty transformation and embracing your geekiness. 

After a glorious summer at the beach with an attentive boy, a teen girl starts the school year finding out he's nothing like the guy she knew on the beach. Her uptight attitude and his hoodlum ways make them incompatible until they try to meet in the middle. This flick is cute for a sexpot makeover and loving someone regardless of the persona they feel they must maintain.

Legally Blonde
A beautiful wealthy blond college girls falls for Mr. Perfect who is going away to law school. When he dumps her, she decides to get into law school where she does not fit in. When she finally realizes he won't accept her, she decides to become a real lawyer. This is a great makeover movie for those who like the theme of living up to your potential. 

First Wive's Club
Three college friends find they are tossed aside by their husbands. They decide to gather together and get back at their superficial ex's. This film is a great commentary on female relationships and also a fun revenge flick for ex-wives. 

Just Go With It!
A physician's assistant has to pretend to be the physician's wife he's divorcing so he can win over a beautiful young woman's heart. In the tangle that occurs, she must go with him and her children posing as his kids to Hawaii, along with the new woman to prove they can get along. This is a cute flick if you like to see a looked-over woman makeover to a super hottie that can't be missed. The Hawaii location helps too!