Reinventing Yourself

Post by Sharon

When you get to a certain age, you begin to contemplate how much you want a life do-over. Perhaps you regret things you did, perhaps things you never got around to doing. Maybe you wish you had been braver, spent more time with family, had finally gotten to Europe for a summer of backpacking and finding yourself.

Your cells turn over daily, but your routine doesn't. 

There was a funny episode of "Seinfeld" where George realized that nothing ever went his way, so he was going to start doing the opposite. When he did, everything started finally working!

There are layers of reinventing yourself. The basis of the process is to try things you normally don't do, things you dreamed of doing, acting like someone you don't quite feel like yet.

It helps to ask yourself "what would (your idol) do?" 

If you want to lose weight, you ask yourself, "what would a skinny person choose to do now?" 

Superficial aspects are the easiest thing to change. New hair color. New wardrobe. Working out.

One of the simplest ways to reinvent yourself is to say "yes" more often to opportunities. When you feel like curling up with a book on a Saturday but that's what you always do, head outside and hike the hills. Drive home a different way than usual. Take your shower at night instead of morning. Just mix it up. 

Give yourself a goal of some new skill or knowledge, experience or travel. Plot that trek to New Mexico to see the hot air balloons. Take classes for silversmithing. Pick up a guitar. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Put on a theme party. Just give yourself novel challenges.

I am a nature and outdoors freak who loves photography and the beach. I live in the desert. So, how do I reinvent myself as a desert-bound surfer girl? 

I can start with the superficial - blonding my hair, wearing hemp jewelry and ocean colors. 

I can paint the ocean with oil paints on canvas. I can play in the pool. I can make margaritas. I can watch beach movies. I can take up crafts with seashells. 

But it's not just a superficial transformation. The heart and soul of a beach person is athletic, outdoorsy, easygoing, face to the sun, water-oriented, and loves creating art and music, dancing and flying kites. 

This person might be more likely to watch a romantic comedy or go to a local farm and pick peaches in season. They might enjoy physical challenges and outdoor cafes. 

It's a whole series of trickle down characteristics. So, when reinventing oneself, always consider how that person might live, where, what they would focus time on, be interested in....

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of my heroes for the concept of breaking the routine and reinventing oneself to a more effective human being that is in sync with the soul instead of fighting to tame the soul to commitments and expectations. 

PS - that photo of me at the top - in 2009, I was someone I didn't know, had adjusted to expectations of others and inhibited in every aspect to not be threatening competitively. The photo of me in 2014, I owned myself in every way. I knew who I was and I wasn't holding anything back. You might expect I had lost weight and gotten a makeover. Nope. 

I simply accepted my potential and loved my life and it showed in every aspect of me from my voice, ambition, the way I moved, the way my face appeared... 

When you reinvent yourself, you fall in love with your individuality and how effortless it is to be you in all things. 


  1. You always have something brilliant to say! I’m going to take your advice.


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