Simple Pleasures: Lightning Bugs - Fireflies

Post by Sharon

Julie and I are going to start a series of "simple pleasures." These are easy things we can do to ground ourselves in the wonder of the world from childhood.

Splashing in puddles, watching lightning stores, catching fireflies, chasing the ice cream man, blanket forts, blowing bubbles, flying kites, and many other treats for the nostalgic heart.

Today, I'd like to cover lightning bugs. Where I grew up in Virginia, they were everywhere in the summertime, silently blinking around the bushes and trees. 

Like most kids, we caught them and put them in jars with some branches and grass, hoping they would be okay in there with some air holes so they would blink at our bedside all night.

With us likely being let loose to explore nature this summer after the long lockdown, the idea of chasing lightning bugs is a pleasant one. 

Here's some especially dense population areas to view them - 

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
Congaree National Park, South Carolina
Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania
Elkmont, Tennessee
Blue Spring State Park, Florida

Here I am now in the southwest and I miss them something awful. There are some ways to relive the feel - 

Fairy strand lights to hang up in bushes, trees, porch - LINK

Solar fairy lights - I have these and they are awesome! - LINK

And here's a cool nightlight - ideal for the grandkids or for you own smiles at your bedside

Firefly nightlight - LINK

There is nothing quite as relaxing in all the world than sitting in a moist, warm forest with the sounds of tree frogs, crickets, and the silent blinking fireflies....

Grab a couple of mason jars, put some sangria in it and sit out in the dark with your honey. Hold hands, watch the fireflies, and give silent thanks for better entertainment than anything on television with all your senses and sentiment engaged.