Skateboarding: Ex-Skater Baby Boomers Find Inspiration

Post by Sharon

I'm proud to be an ex-skater. I would try to do it now in my 50s, but at this point, I fall down just crossing a wet street. 

In my desire to both gain flexibility and balance in my mature years and my desire to re-embrace all that is me, I decided to put the skater back into my life!

No, I'm not going to suit up and hit the skate park.

But, I am going to embrace the attitude, lifestyle, and agility.

I got myself a balance board to start the daily feel of skating again - safely.

Some jeans, board shorts, tank tops, lots of hemp jewelry, some braids woven in my tumbling beachy hair and I'm back in my groove.

Consider getting a deck and using it as a wall shelf - 

Try tousling your hair with some beach sea spray - 

Men's Skater Tee

Smell like a skater - 

And let's not forget a skater character - 

This will make you homesick - 

Remember, it's all about the wind in your hair, the freedom, and the attitude.