Toilet Paper Alternative To Keep You Going!

It's such a weird world. The oddest thing is the influence that the internet has on folks. The minute they reported people stocking up on TP, it started a frenzy of others hoping to get ahead of the curve and get even more! Soon, there was no TP to be found on shelves.

There is an alternative that hikers, campers and preppers have known about called Wysi Wipes (LINK to purchase).

These tiny individually wrapped towel/TP alternative are great for in purses, backpacks, and in the car - just in case. But, in COVID-19 times like these, you can actually purchase and receive these on Amazon quickly while you await your TP from China (slow boat, apparently). 

You add a little water and they spring into a soft sheet of biodegradable paper that is stronger than TP and one of these is more than enough for a good wiping.

Hope that helps you keep your dignity!