Turning Your Patio Into an Extension of Your Home

Post by Sharon

Warming weather and forced lockdown at home has many people rethinking their environment. I want to be on the beach on a vacation, somewhere tropical. So, I'm sharing how someone wanting to make the outdoor space feel like a vacation getaway is a simple and satisfying project.

I planted luffah and birdhouse gourd vines (fast growing in heat) all along the edges of the patio. I put in some screw-in hooks on the posts and ran twine so the vines have something to support them as they grow and enclose the patio with green and keep summer heat off of it. 

Now, the furnishings - something comfy....

8.5' x 5.3' x 2.13'

Ultimately, there are a million possibilities including glass candleholders, flip flops, containers of bubbles to blow, music, a sofa to nap on....