Why We Endure - Why We Are Here

Post by Sharon and Julie

We haven't been graded since we were in school and even those report cards didn't verify our worth, only our testing and memorizing abilities at that moment in time. 

I bet if you look back at school, you aren't fondly recalling the midterms. You're recalling your friends, the pranks, the strategy of cafeteria seating, the tunes on the radio, the awful dates, hanging with friends, the school dances - the taste and texture of the experience. 

Those were what made you feel human, not machine.

You might have taken reading and writing abilities with you, but more importantly you learned how to endure. 

In the world today we get caught up in the machine part of us. But, what makes us want to endure the machine self and the mechanics of responsibility are those other things that remind us our TRUE purpose here. 

As human beings we are not only intelligent beings with a sense of purpose, but we are also archiving machines. We were put here to experience.

The smell of coconut can take you back to the beach again. 

The blue sky with puffy clouds reminds you of springtime and a blossoming world. 

You hear people cheer and remember high school football games.

You sing a carol and are taken back to family and the cozy holiday time. 

In school, they grilled us over and over again to recall the times table and we can retain that, but there are no associated senses of satisfaction, happiness, nostalgia, or any other emotional factors. 

The true satisfaction in being human is learning by observing and doing, attempting and putting into perspective. 

We adapt. 

We collect tons of memories, associations, sentiment, and determination. 

We do stupid things we later brag about later in life and roll our eyes because we outgrew that phase. 

The bad things teach us how to endure and even grow from it. We are resilient. 

We were born magnificently ignorant of this mortal plane and the awkwardness of riding around in a physical body with a spiritual core. 

And the tears and laughter we share with other humans is what bonds us and shows us why we are here. 

That is how we endure. That is why we are here.

Here's some reminders of just some of the reasons why we are here, why we are human

Can we endure? 
Do we understand why we are here? 

Oh yes.

That is inherent in our kind. 

We are our exquisite best when times are trying. Our Maker is proud we endure. Our soul feels as if its purpose is understood. We join humanity and are no longer isolated. 

The worst of times birth the best in our compassion and determination. 

Be human with all its texture, experience, sentiment, meaning, and purpose


Our five senses help us gather the world into our heart and soul where we attribute value to the experience in the form of emotions and the laying down of memories. 

Go taste it.
Go breathe it.
Go touch it.
Go listen to it.
Go sing it.

THAT is why you are here.