Cacti Beauty and Inspiration

Post by Sharon 

I couldn't help noticing all the bees buzzing around the prickly pear cactus. It's that time of year when the tuna fruits are blossoming. It had me inspired to go do some macro-shots of the cactus around the property and possibly inspiring a series of 12 x 12 paintings of cactus needles and texture up close.

Cactus have a way of making me smile. They stay steadfast in the harsh dry climate, yet remain succulent and determined. Their skin is thick and their insides gelled. Thorns keep curious munching creatures from bothering them. Each springtime they grow tons of paddles and big gorgeous blossoms to invite life back in before they hibernate for yet another summer. 

Here, I share how to eat aloe vera - one of my favorite garden succulents -

Aloe vera is also a great indoors plant. It cleans the air nicely and doesn't need direct light or much water at all. I grow pots of it everywhere I can. It is architecturally beautiful and add a few rocks, tiny seashells or sea glass on the surface of the soil and the potted plant is beautiful. 

This one (above) is in a glass bowl I got from Goodwill and covered with air drying clay, letting it crack and painting it. I hung a necklace on it and put the potted plant inside. 


  1. The cactus flowers are beautiful! I miss seeing them. The cactus are tasty too. Thank you for sharing!!!!


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