Grow These Four Flowers For Beauty, Scent, and Health!

Post by Sharon

**Note: I am not a health care professional. I am a woman from a long line of Applachian herbalists who has spent time around growing and rendering herbs into teas.

How about growing four flowers that are not only beautifully scented and gorgeous to look at, but also can be rendered into healthy teas? Win - Win - Win!

Here's my four faves.


Chamomile: Beautiful little white daisy-looking prolific flowers. Chamomile is a great tummy tamer and nighttime relaxing, chilling, anti-anxiety bliss. With all its antioxidants, it can help prevent heart disease and cancer.


Lavender: Beautiful purple lovely-scented flowers. Lavender is a powerhouse - depression, high blood pressure, nausea, eczema and menstral pain helper. Fantastic for hair and skin care.


Echinacea: Sweetly scented and beautiful in the garden. Fantastic for cell growth, preventing breast cancer, controlling blood sugar, reducing inflammation, preventing flu.


Hibiscus: This beautiful sweet flower is fantastic for lowering blood pressure, good for liver health, depression, high vitamin C, aiding digestion. Hibiscus tea is rather tart and good for producing bile and keeping gallbladder running well.

Consider mixing these up depending on what you want to focus on - 

Immunity:  Echinacea and lavender
Depression: Hibiscus and lavender
Diabetes/overweight/drinking: Hibiscus and lavender
Anxiety/insomnia: Chamomile and lavender
High blood pressure: Hibiscus, Echinacea and lavender

If you can't grow these, consider getting them dried and ready to make into teas. Here's some links -